Our Vision

Working collaboratively across all lands, agencies, and organizations, the 2-3-2 Partnership will coordinate efforts to promote resilient landscapes that protect and improve water resources for communities, provide habitat for wildlife, and support the economic and cultural resilience of communities within and downstream of the 2-3-2 boundary. A collective vision of reestablishing natural fire regimes and reducing wildfire risk has galvanized communities in this landscape.

Our Mission

By regularly convening diverse partners, promoting coordinated and holistic planning, and elevating local efforts, the 2-3-2 Partnership aims to facilitate cooperation and information-sharing between organizations working toward landscape conservation with an emphasis on watershed resilience in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Partners of the 2-3-2 are committed to integrated 2 management strategies that include wildlife, aquatic health, and communities alongside forest health and water quantity deliverables, and are informed by the best available science. 

Within the landscape, the 2-3-2 Partnership will seek to:

● Reduce the risk of uncharacteristic wildfire
● Increase the number of fire adapted communities
● Restore natural fire regimes
● Increase forest health and diversity
● Improve fish and wildlife habitat and connectivity
● Conserve critical wildlife habitat to aid in threatened and endangered species recovery
● Improve water quality and watershed function
● Mitigate climate change impacts
● Improve response to fire

The 2-3-2 Partnership will take these priorities for the landscape as it seeks to restore the watershed resilience for the landscape and for the plant, and wildlife, and human communities in the Rio Chama footprint through cross-boundary, collaborative efforts. The 2-3-2 Partnership will advance these efforts through meaningful stakeholder collaboration, the use of best available science, the integration of traditional ecological knowledge, and the leveraging of resources.