The Dirt and Dust: A 2-3-2 Podcast

The History of the 2-3-2: An Audio Storytelling Project

The story of the 2-3-2 cannot be tied to one person or a single place. It was created and continues to succeed thanks to the network of people and places, the relationships they have fostered, and their deep connection to the landscape. We interviewed some of these people and visited some of these places to tell you the story of the 2-3-2.

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Rio Chama Stories:

Bugs in a Fridge: A Monitoring Story

This has been a fruitful summer field season for monitoring. Early in the Spring, we finalized the 2-3-2 Multiparty Monitoring Plan and then put the plan to use! Field crews from Mountains Studies Institute and the Forest Stewards Guild were active in all four of the National Forests in the Rio Chama CFLRP landscape, the Rio Grande,

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Bighorn State Line Prescribed Burn: A Reflection

In the middle of the woods at approximately the 37th parallel in North America, I walk along an invisible line. How do I know I’m on it? My phone tells me. I’m located about an hour from Chama, NM (pop. 912), 25 minutes from Antonito, CO (pop. 647). Needless to say, there’s not a lot

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What does it mean to monitor?

The 2-3-2 Partnership just finished the first edition of the Multiparty Monitoring Plan thanks to the dedicated hard work and collaboration of partners and staff. In fact, since it rolled out, the first on the ground monitoring took place in Tres Piedras. All of it got me thinking. Why do we humans pay attention to

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Authentic Engagement: Be Like a Tree

How do you know if someone is being authentic? Just as importantly, how do you ensure that you are? I’ve often heard that building trust is a function of consistency over time. But how much time? Who decides? I had a conversation at the 2-3-2 Partnership meeting in early February in Taos with John Waconda,

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