The 2-3-2

The 2-3-2 Cohesive Strategy Partnership (2-3-2) strives to work together to protect and preserve the forest health, water quality, wildlife habitat and communities within the San Juan, Chama and Rio Grande Watershed Landscapes. We implement a cohesive approach that supports a coordinated, landscape- scale effort that emphasizes public and private partnerships, bridges geographic boundaries and addresses agency management constraints to deliver integrated results that cannot be accomplished when working separately.

  • Purple Line: 2-3-2 Boundary
  • Dashed Purple Line: Rio Chama CFLRP Boundary
  • Blue Dots: Critical Water Infrastructure

2-3-2 Accomplishment Highlights

Sharing Resources

Cooperative Prescribed Burning Aided by 2-3-2 Relationships

Establishing Critical Connections & Trust


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Partnerships formed through the 2-3-2 have resulted in new business, hundreds of treated acres, numerous outreach and educational opportunities, and at least ten training events. Together, we have raised over $1.5 million to bridge geographic boundaries and improve the health of our forests our watersheds and our communities.