We work collaboratively to help our forests, rivers, wildlife and communities thrive.

The 2-3-2 Cohesive Strategy Partnership (2-3-2) is a conglomerate of place-based collaboratives – a “conglaborative” – whose geography encompasses 2 watersheds, 3 rivers, and 2 states. We strives to work together to protect and preserve the forest health, water quality, wildlife habitat and communities within the San Juan, Chama and Rio Grande Watershed Landscapes. We implement a cohesive approach that supports a coordinated, landscape- scale effort that emphasizes public and private partnerships, bridges geographic boundaries and addresses agency management constraints to deliver integrated results that cannot be accomplished when working separately.


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What does it mean to monitor?

The 2-3-2 Partnership just finished the first edition of the Multiparty Monitoring Plan thanks to the dedicated hard work and collaboration of partners and staff. In fact, since it rolled out, the first on the ground monitoring took place in Tres Piedras. All of it got me thinking. Why do we humans pay attention to

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Authentic Engagement: Be Like a Tree

How do you know if someone is being authentic? Just as importantly, how do you ensure that you are? I’ve often heard that building trust is a function of consistency over time. But how much time? Who decides? I had a conversation at the 2-3-2 Partnership meeting in early February in Taos with John Waconda,

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2-3-2 Accomplishment Highlights

Cooperative Prescribed Burning Aided by 2-3-2 Relationships

Establishing Critical Connections & Trust