The 2-3-2 Cohesive Strategy Partnership (2-3-2) is a conglomerate of place-based collaboratives – a “conglaborative” – whose geography encompasses 2 watersheds, 3 rivers, and 2 states. We strives to work together to protect and preserve the forest health, water quality, wildlife habitat and communities within the San Juan, Chama and Rio Grande Watershed Landscapes. We implement a cohesive approach that supports a coordinated, landscape- scale effort that emphasizes public and private partnerships, bridges geographic boundaries and addresses agency management constraints to deliver integrated results that cannot be accomplished when working separately.

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We work across boundaries.

A tree doesn’t care if its roots extend into two different states. Nor does a red-tailed hawk care which national forest ranger district it soars above. Nor does the air that it soars through care where it blows. The idea of a fixed, permanent boundary is only a human construct. But it is a construct that has repercussions on these earthly elements. As our challenges cross boundaries, so too must our solutions.

We collaborate.

The 2-3-2 is a regional collaborative consisting of local collaboratives. Collaboration means coordinating efforts, thinking long-term, and helping towards the greater good. The 2-3-2 prides itself on effective collaborative processes where everyone has a voice.

We work at a landscape scale.

True change happens once efforts across the landscape are coordinated. We strive to work both on public and private lands, maintaining a regional vision while honoring local needs. Our communities and their voices are at the heart of every landscape and are interwoven into broader goals.

We sustain and improve watershed health.

Fire is a natural part of the landscape. For generations, forests have been logged and fires suppressed. The resuLt is a dysfunctional forest, at risk of more intense wildfires that can impair water quality, habitat, and people's lives and livelihoods. Watershed health encompasses everything within the watershed's boundaries. We work to regain a healthy forest and ecosystem and establish a better relationship with fire.

2-3-2 Accomplishment Highlights

Sharing Resources

Cooperative Prescribed Burning Aided by 2-3-2 Relationships

Establishing Critical Connections & Trust