Partner Updates

This is a space for partners to share information. Some of it may be directly relevant to our shared work in the 2-3-2 geography, some it may be pertinent to specific partners or specific geographies, and some of it may apply to all of us as humans, outside of the 2-3-2 context. Please share information that you think belongs here with Alex Handloff.

Previous Partner Events

Rio Chama Congreso: Water After Wildfire

February 24th – 25th, 2022, the 8th annual Congreso explores the aftermath of fire, specifically its impact on our precious water resources. Can we prevent these negative impacts? How?

The Congreso will explore stories of the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire, wildfire risk models, and collaborative efforts to mitigate and prevent catastrophic post-fire impacts.

Several field trips are offered on the 24th, and the Main Event at Ghost Ranch will take place on the 25th. 

All Hands All Lands Pile Burn Squad, 2021-2022: A Transboundary Approach to Forest Restoration

This collaborative project brought together the Forest Stewards Guild, The Nature Conservancy of New Mexico, the  Rio Grande Water Fund, the Ember Alliance, and many others to bring fire back into the landscape. Check out the Story Map below for information, or click this link.