Establishing Critical Connections and Trust

Rio Chama Ponderosa

Through quarterly in-person meetings (hosted at locations throughout the 2-3-2 geography), bi-monthly web meetings, and regular communication, the 2-3-2 has established a critical cross-boundary dialogue about resource management and developed networks for sharing resources, lessons learned, and tools for coordinating land management activities.  Just one of many examples is set forth below.

“When Jeremy Marshall [District Ranger, Carson National Forest] told me that the Blanca Mill is putting on a second shift and maybe taking more outside wood, that made me think that it could serve as a close mill for our purchasers to be able to take the wood harvested off of the forest.  This could reduce their costs and allow for them to bid on more of our sales as they might be able to increase their capacity having a mill so close by (as opposed to Montrose for example).  I think that communication of important information such as this is one of the greatest values of the 2-3-2.  Just by communicating, we are helping everyone find ways to work more effectively and efficiently, and in a way that makes sense for the landscape.”

– Andrea Jones, Rio Grande National Forest, Conejos Peak District

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