Renewed Investments in our Forest Products Business Community

In response to renewed optimism on the part of our forest products business community, five new and current forest products businesses in southwest Colorado are receiving financing and making significant investments in their businesses through the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) Forest Business Loan Fund.  Circle sawmills, wood excelsior and logging equipment have all been financed in just the past three months by the CSFS Business Loan Fund in partnership with participating local private and public sector lenders.  Notable is that for every dollar of CSFS lending, 2 dollars of investment is being provided by our private and public sector lending partners.  The CSFS Forest Business Loan Fund now includes 13 businesses and over four and half million dollars, almost have of which was added in just the past three months.

For further information visit or contact Tim Reader, Program Specialist Utilization and Marketing with the CSFS